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Love spell: A Valentine’s Day Banner!

What’s the fastest way to spell out your love? With a Valentine’s Day banner, of course!


It’s quick, easy and inexpensive and here’s how to do it.


Horns xs and os



Begin by drawing your triangles onto black construction paper. Note: Store your construction paper out of the sun, especially the darker shades, or it will fade as you can see mine has.

Drawing on black construction paper


Cut your triangles. For cutting paper, I like to use the scissors made for kids. They stay sharp even after cutting a whole lot of paper, they cost just a few dollars, and they keep me from using–and dulling–my fabric scissors on paper.


Cuttin triangles



Once you’ve cut your triangles, draw your Xs and Ox. I used white chalk for the letters. Note: The 99 Cents Only Store is a thrifty source for chalk.


Drawing x and o




Now add the hearts. I used pink chalk (also from the 99 Cents Only Store).



Adding hearts



Use a hole puncher to make two holes near the top of the flat end of the triangle.


Punching holes



Cut a strand of twine that is as long as you would like your banner to be. Add a few inches on either side so you have loose ends that are long enough to pin, nail, or tape to a wall.


Threading the twine



Now it’s ready to hang. Remember, to prevent the banner from fading, avoid hanging it in direct sunlight.


Happy, almost, Valentine’s Day!


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