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Five-minute DIY circle painting!

I was inspired by the circle painting on the left.



Image via Houzz; design by Amber Interiors.



In fact, I was inspired by the entire space but it’s a completely different design direction than we’re taking our house since our 1958 house is whispering (yelling, in some areas) that it should go modern. Thus, we’ve installed a frosted glass and aluminum front door; the single panel Shaker style interior doors we ordered (a full 11 weeks ago, but were back-ordered!) to replace our current, flat panel, hollow doors (the ones with the veneer that has begun to split and peel at the bottom creating an unsightly, pants-snagging “fringe” effect) go in tomorrow; and, as far as trim, we’re opting for minimal and as many ninety degree angles as possible. Not an arch in sight!



But the circle painting…it could certainly fit into almost any decor. Including ours!



So I hacked it…




And so can you!




So let’s get started!




Like any good hack, it begins with an IKEA product: the  27 1/2″  x 39 1/4″ RIBBA* frame for $24.99.




Ribba practice drawing circles




*Note: I chose a black frame, but when I just looked at IKEA online, the only colors listed for this size were Brown or Aluminum; however, those colors would work as well. Maybe the Brown more than the Aluminum-if we’re going to get picky about it.



1. Sketch the design on a piece of paper to get your wrist warmed up. Then, using a wide brush and black acrylic craft paint, paint a trial run directly on the plastic-wrapped frame. This helps your hand and wrist get a sense of how big those circles must be in order to fit the scale of the frame. If you don’t like your first go-round, if you work fast enough, you can use a wet paper towel to wash off the first attempt, and try again.




Paint in foil in bowl




Handy tip: I like to pour my paint into any disposable plastic container (i.e., yogurt, salsa, wrinkle cream) so I can feel okay about dumping (recycling) it when the the little bit of remaining paint has dried and can easily be peeled away. However, with no plastic containers available, I wrapped a porcelain bowl with foil which completely protected the bowl and made for easy clean up and I have now decided this is the superior method.





Ribba template




2. Place your brown craft paper on the ground. Use the RIBBA paper that comes with the frame, which is conveniently the same size as the plexiglass, to create your template and cut your craft paper to size.




DIY black painting circles drying





3. If you have as little patience as I do, and are into this self-imposed five minute deadline thing, a hairdryer will help speed up the drying process.




4. Use a black Sharpie marker to autograph your art so everyone who sees the image can associate its universal appeal with little ol’ you. Once the image has dried, pop it back into the frame in preparation for hanging your masterpiece.



Note: And don’t, please don’t, stare at the plexiglass and wonder why IKEA was “so stupid!” as to print “IKEA” on both sides of the plexiglass, then call your mom to schedule the next pilgrimage to IKEA because, you whine, “They will have to take this useless thing back; I can’t use it with “IKEA” stamped all over it!” only to take a nap from which you awaken refreshed with your pregnant brain recharged and back to the state of a normal, thinking person’s brain and then realize the plexiglass was covered with stamped, protective sheets of plastic that peel off both sides of the plexiglass in under two seconds.  And then you deeply regret using the word “stupid” and compulsively eat three brownies to make the universe feel right again. Nope, don’t do that.




Black circles modern DIY painting




Full disclosure:  In our house where the flooring is pulled up to expose the concrete (and we’re not talking the pretty, intentional polished kind but the When-are-those-darn floors coming, again? variety), and every interior door and jamb has been ripped from the walls in preparation for new doors, and the dining table is hanging out in the living room, where it really doesn’t fit, because the new doors are in the dining room, you might understand how there is NO PLACE TO PHOTOGRAPH OUR HOUSE WHERE IT DOESN’T LOOK LIKE A CONSTRUCTION ZONE except for in front of the fireplace! So the ornate gilded mirror that usually lives above the fireplace came down and I put my styling powers to the test to give you a hint of how this painting could look…



…in your normal, I’m just guessing here, non-construction zone house.





However, the moment those fireplace photos were snapped, I hung the circle painting where it will really live…




Black circles DIY painting entry




In the entry where, one day, when the doors and floors are installed and the walls are painted, and we move the heater up to the attic so the intake vent can be relocated as a ceiling vent and not make it an illogical place to set a basket, this space will look so pretty with a circle painting.


One day! 🙂




Happy Friday!





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