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San Roque house reveal!


I wish I had a picture of this house the first time I saw it. JB would be in the background, as well as our real estate agent, because we almost bought this house.




Gutted kitchenThe kitchen Before





We bid well over the asking price, but, still, our offer was rejected.






Kitchen afterThe kitchen After with Option A as a kitchen mat.





Which, by this point, we were growing accustomed to.




We were stuck in a cycle of elation; despair; repeat. It took nine offers on nine houses until we finally bought the house we’re in now.






Kitchen after 3Another After with Option B as a kitchen mat. Option A won.







Cararra counter grey glazed subway tileCloseup of the pretty, handmade grey tile with its translucent finish that read like the water’s surface on a winter’s day, but, unfortunately, in this picture, looks like fifty shades of purple.





But, before that…






Gutted walk-in shower





there was a lot of hoping and dreaming.





And sighing and wondering when it would be our turn.




Grey faux wood rectangular tile





Each time was like meeting a really great potential mate…





Master bath with electrical and plumbing




someone who made your heart flutter, who you could feel, in the pit of your stomach, was going to be your forever person…




Plotting master bath medicine cabinets blue tapeAh, the many uses of painter’s tape.




who wouldn’t even agree to go on a first date.




Unfinished master vanity




We only made offers on houses we were SERIOUS about. Houses that felt like they held a future for us. Before we could be sure, I’d run through my design plan for each room and JB would patiently listen to what I thought would go where and how we’d transform the space and which drawer would be best to hold the silverware.





Grey faux wood rectangular tile





And then we’d get the call. Someone else got it. But don’t worry; you’ll get the next one.





But each time we did worry. And feel sad and I’d try to erase from my mind all my plans of finishes and furnishings and forget about how cute I knew the kitchen could be. Or how I’d make the bathroom better.





Cararra marble walk-in shower after





Because it was going to someone else. Their house. Their life. Their design ideas.





Carrara shower niche





Which always kind of made me want to drop my business card off with a note that read, “Call me; I’ve already picked out the color scheme–and I know which drawer you should use for the silverware!”





Master bath after grey vanityAren’t those lights amazing? You can find them here.





But I never had the guts. So imagine my surprise when a client of mine called to say we wouldn’t be meeting at her house that day…






Grey vanity Cararra marble after




We’d be meeting at the new house her mom just bought.




Cararra marble counter RH faucet





The one that needed a mega remodel…





Master bath Hinkley Congress Vanity lights




and my design help!





Master bath reveal towel warmer chromeThe heated towel bar which may be in “off” mode during this heatwave, but will be a comforting touch this winter.





Mermaid bathroom artMermaid art courtesy of my mom (Lyn Gianni) hanging in the water closet above the ooh-and-ahh Toto Washlet toilet.






Glass paned doors master bathThose doors may have a modern feel but were original to the 1950s house and salvaged during demo.







Hexagonal cararra penny tile white bath afterBath #2




I was beyond thrilled!




Guest bathroom afterIf only I could go back in time, I’d replace the toilet paper roll with one that is less smooshed





And bursting with ideas!





White ruffled shower curtain glass door knobI’m enamored of this doorknob by Emtek.






So even though I wasn’t designing the house for us anymore…






white subway tile shower niche fern leaf







Oak floors white walls hall





I lucked out and had a client who shared my vision.





Guest bedroom nautical flush mount






So here is the rest of it…






Master bedroom swing arm lamps




in all of its




Living room before










Living room after





unfinished glory.





Hall laundry






The house that was never ours…






Improvements on front of house





but I got to redesign, anyway. 🙂






Charcoal front door




PS, After losing one more offer on one more house, we finally found our home which I’m happy to say, ended up being the one we loved the most. During the moments of rejection and frustration it was hard to keep the faith, but sometimes just when you think you will never win, the thing that was best for you after all, comes your way.




Here’s to hanging in there. Happy Tuesday! 🙂




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A Beautiful Bathroom Transformation

Sometimes stuff just finds its way into a room. Any never makes its way out. Such was the case with this client’s bathroom. There was a little of this and a little of that, a scalloped edge sink, and a bottle or two (or three or four) too many.



And that just wouldn’t do. My client wanted it to feel fresh, spa-like, and perhaps, like if you listened really closely, you could hear the tub whisper, “Relax. Stay awhile.”




So there was work to be done.






Bathroom Before







Wait for it. I’m trying to build suspense here….









Bathroom Before 2






Okay, now you can look.







Bathroom After 2




We replaced the baseboard with a more substantial (taller) and squared-edge (for clean lines) variety, and added beefy, Craftsman style, trim to the new door. A deeper tub was installed to replace the existing one. And the sparkling new window was flanked with 6″ x 12″ porcelain tile that had the most beautiful wavy stone pattern and subtle texture.





The sconces, faucet, shower head, tub spout, soap dispenser, and even the toilet handle were finished in champagne bronze for a soft golden look that wasn’t as brassy as polished brass. A rectangular sink added a touch of modern to the space, but the ruffled shower curtain grounded the room in femininity.






Bathroom After 3





With all the great changes, the one that tickles me the most is the face pot. I found it in my client’s office, tucked away at the back of a shelf. Said client was out of town so I took the liberty to fill the pot with potting soil and a fern. You may note, in a later photo, the fern has been changed to a succulent and this, dear readers, is the downside of maiden hair ferns: while beautiful, they’re finicky things, prone to expiration.






Bathroom After Other View




Above is a behind-the-scenes peek of the design before the light switches went on, before dark, hardwood planks were installed in the hallway, and–apparently, before the painter came back to touch up every spot I marked with a piece of blue painter’s tape. If you look closely you can spot the kitchen–pre-remodel–reflected in the mirror.






Bathroom Bird Picture






Here is a closeup of this cute picture (the pelican is embroidered on fabric) that now hangs over the toilet.








Vanity close up







My client sourced this vanity online and we all know things can look different on a screen, but I’m happy to report the vanity was even more good looking in real life.








Face pot





And here the pretty (and cross eyed?) maiden is with her new succulent headdress. Love her!






Paint: Benjamin Moore color Mayonnaise, in eggshell, for walls and ceiling

Benjamin Moore color Simply White, in satin, for baseboard, door, and door casing

Vanity: Fairmont Rustic Chic

Counter top and backsplash: Crema Marfil marble, custom

Shower curtain: Marshall’s

Toilet and sink: Kohler

Shower head, tub spout, faucet and toilet handle: Delta Lahara in Champagne Bronze

Floor tile: El Pietra Millerighe in Caramel cut to 6″ x 12″ for shower walls and left in original 12″ x 24″ size for the floor. Grout color: Alabaster.




PS, The other day, one of my clients mentioned that his tile guy suggested we install his 3″ x 6″ white subway kitchen tile in a grid pattern instead of the typical offset stagger. I wanted to “see” it myself before I decided if I was on board so I traced a few tiles, in both patterns, directly onto the wall to compare the Normal (staggered) version to the Who-Does-That? (grid pattern) version.  Well, guess what? For this space, I actually preferred the (Who-Does-That?) grid pattern!


Grid pattern tile







It ended up looking like this which I found much more interesting for this small, somewhat plain space than regular ol’ staggered. We used a grey grout to add a contrast and up the oomph, but the exact color name escapes me at the moment and I can’t find it in my notes.






Grid tile kitchen in progress




The house is adobe style complete with stained pylons protruding out just below the roof line, but the inside is devoid of beams and has fantastically soaring ceilings so the plan for the inside is rustic modern with a nod to Spanish/Western. (It’s a man’s house; need I say more?) The exposed concrete floors will be polished and sealed with a matte finish. The windows will receive white, roller shades (motorized so his stunning views can be viewed within in seconds) and, in the kitchen, I’m contemplating using these stools…




Restoration Hardware Spring StoolRestoration Hardware New Industrial Coil Stool



with this table.


Angelo Home Brookdale Zinc and Wood Dining TableAngelo Home Brookdale Zinc And Wood Gathering Table from




And this piece of art.






West Elm StaredownStaredown from West Elm







This design project involves the entire house so I’ll keep you posted as we get closer to the Before and Afters!





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