Project updates!

I’d love to show you some Afters. The pretty stuff. Styled and well lit. But, right now, every project I’m working on is, unfortunately, so far from its reveal that if I waited until each was ready for a full feature, I’d be forced to completely rely on posting my past newspaper columns as new posts. As it is, with my posting rate being as here, there and where? as it has been, I’m already worried I’m going to be asked to turn in my blogger badge*.



*Blogger badge: totally fictional concept, thank goodness!



So this post is to let you know, I haven’t just been sitting around popping bon bons in my mouth.*



*Although, that sounds lovely about now.



Instead, there are projects happening. Projects like this…



See the merlot-colored wall in this wine cellar? Sure it was wine colored and all, but it also made the space feel dark and oppressive and like the wall was thrusting forward and engulfing what little space there was so I had my client change it to a much lighter paint color (which, ahem, exactly works with the adjacent natural stone wall), Pale Almond (OC-2)  by Benjamin Moore.




Wine room wall before



Alas, it somehow never dawned on me to capture the After so you’ll just have to imagine a HUGE IMPROVEMENT and focus on this next photo featuring a header painted a color that made it read like a super long Band-Aid.




Wine room header before




I had my go-to guy cover it by installing reclaimed shiplap from Indo Teak from Pioneer Floors. A tin ceiling went up and…my, how much better it looks! Oh, hey, you can see the lighter wall reflected in the glass if you look just below the reflection of the painting. (See below.)





Wine room with wood plank wall



This newly framed bathroom is oh so close to being finished. When I came on board, it looked like this…




Bathroom gutted



Then it looked like this…




Shower coating walls




Flooring went down…




Bathroom floor install



Tile and a marble door surround went up…




Shower progress



It is now more finished than this (above) shot, but it’s still not quite, almost there, how long is this going to take already?, ready. But, soon. Soon, promises the contractor.




This guest bedroom went from this disheveled state…





Guest bedroom before





To this. With a headboard and custom pillows on their way and art to be hung. PS, I was so pleased with these nightstands  from Home Decorators Club and they were quite reasonable!





Guest bedroom in progress




I procured a giant (hard to tell from the photo, but this hammered silver bowl was about 24″ in diameter) container and planted it with live succulents for this…





Succulents in metal bowl



equally gargantuan dining table. Note: One day I’ll remember to take a photo of the flax-colored fixed panels that we installed above these windows. They hang from custom made oil rubbed bronze drapery rods that are oh so stylish. But a view is still a view.





Succulent display dining room



This empty space…




Kitchen progress



Now has cabinets!





Kitchen cabinets installed



And they’re painted and there are Carrara countertops and beautiful smoky grey glazed tiles for the backsplash and a cute light above the sink…but the gosh darn hardware is taking forever to arrive.




Kitchen cabinets painted



I styled this bathroom…




Free standing tub bathroom before



like this…





Free standing tub and sidetable




This house is mid-maekover





Improvements on front of house



and this shot shows its new driveway…





House new driveway



And brick herringbone pathway…




Herringbone brick path




This bathroom is getting new everything, but I am kind of crazy for this picture as a Before shot since it looks so completely awful.




Bathroom before




Even our house got some sprucing. Check out the Before, featuring way too much ivy…





Ivy covered yard front



The During!




Front back




Yes, I know, it’s so far from an After. Not even close. But that’s the point. None of these are. They are messy, in-progress, we’re gettin’ there photos. Just like real life.



You know, In the spirit of Keepin’ it Real? Don’t worry, there will be prettier stuff to come. Also, just like real life.



Happy weekend!






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4 Comments on Project updates!

  1. PickyB
    May 1, 2015 at 11:42 AM (5 years ago)

    Those are some amazing transformations! Wow!

  2. Maureen
    May 8, 2015 at 4:37 AM (5 years ago)

    Just love the messy, in progress pictures and updates; keeping all or even part of home, yard etc. in perfect, updated, weeded, watered, planted , dusted, painted, cuddled order is not what happens in most of our “real lives” (well heaven forbid we very often neglect the cuddling!) and before, during and after pictures give us all hope.
    Your blogger badge shines!

    • Kisha Gianni
      May 10, 2015 at 2:49 PM (5 years ago)

      Thanks! So good to hear from you!


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