Our bedroom reveal!


I almost called this post Progress in the Bedroom.


But thought better of it. πŸ™‚


Some rooms take a long time to get right.Β  Even more so when they start out like this…




Band-Aid colored walls and similarly toned carpet that came with the house.



Especially when you’re an interior designer and, thus, want your house to look social-media-stunning, but just like the contractor with the cracked window, it can be hard to find the time/money/energy to fix your own space. So you do what you can, when you can.



Which resulted in this next stage which I like to call the Don’t-Try-This-At-Home look. It is a culling of garage sale scores, some IKEA bedding (creating a bolster pillow from an IKEA dishtowel was one of my first blog posts; found here) and a precarious placement of mounted antlers that, upon reflection, we’re lucky never impaled us mid slumber.



Walls: still a shade of Band-Aid.




So we painted the walls Benjamin Moore’s Simply White, installed these French Oak floors, found the right-sized bedding (from Pottery Barn and I loved it, but they don’t seem to sell it anymore).




And it was so much better. Except it didn’t feel finished.




Room styled with a bassinet right before leaving for the hospital to have Kai.




Enter: the solution. Grasscloth wallpaper! I had long lusted over grasscloth wallpaper andΒ  used it in enough clients’ homes that I knew its transformative effect. But it’s not inexpensive. So I saved my pennies for the splurge and I’m so glad I did. It continues to look different throughout the day, but always so interesting and natural and textured.




Phillip Jeffries Grasscloth Wallpaper: Extra Fine Arrowroot/color: Wheat




We also decided it was time to upgrade to a King bed for those nights when you want to stretch to your heart’s, and limbs’, content–and not touch another human. That hardly sounds romantic, but with a snuggly toddler, there is so much constant physical contact, personal space has become a cherished thing. And when you want to remember you do, in fact, share the bed with someone, that someone is never more than a few inches of scooting over away.


We knew we wanted to avoid an upholstered headboard following the logic that toddlers are the foe of upholstered fabric. While wood is always a good wipable surface, we fell for this metal-wrapped bed from RH which, PS, is now on super duper sale.







Here is our bedroom as of a couple of weeks ago with my new favorite DIY pillow which all three of us can share while watching movies in bed–for those snuggly moments. For my tips on dyeing Shibori fabric, click here.






Now we come to the closet doors. Ahem. I had mixed feelings about installing these because I know mirrored closet doors have their detractors, but after working on a very high-end home in Malibu with the best views, but not the largest bedrooms, that had these same mirrored closet doors (which made the rooms seem bigger and reflected the view), I realized they can be a very smart design decision.



The mirrored doors make our average-sized room feel much larger and keep the light bouncing around. We chose the very simple aluminum trim so they look streamlined and clean. They reflect the view of the garden and, possibly most importantly, I use them when dressing (there isn’t another logical place to hang a mirror in the room). I am now on team Mirrored Closet Doors–for the right room. πŸ™‚







The other side.


At night our new light (found here) casts a neat honeycomb pattern on the ceiling and, during the day, it’s just odd enough to be very pleasing. Our dresser is an IKEA piece that came with marrying JB, for better or worse, haha. It’s not the dresser of my dreams, but it does work with our color palette and holds all the clothes that don’t fit into our reach-in closet so for that reason, it’s dreamy, for now.







But enough about bedrooms. Our bathroom remodel, which began a few months ago, was stalled in its tracks once we found out that our cast iron pipes likely need to be replaced. Apparently cast iron pipes last 60-80 years and since ours just had their 58th birthday, we would be silly to install new tile just to have to rip it out in a few years when the pipes may fail.



Then one of the plumbers pointed out that when you fix the pipes in one bathroom, it’s smart to fix the pipes of any bathroom that is on the opposite side of the wall. Since said bathroom is our only other bathroom and I have a thing for showering indoors, I’m really not sure where this leaves us. For now, we close the door and try to forget. Then again, it’s hard to forget when the only other bathroom is located off of our bedroom which means now the master bathroom has to be kept a bit cleaner (not my favorite task). And, since the demo-ed bathroom is the only one with a tub, Kai has been bathing al fresco, as of late. Thank goodness for warm weather and kiddie pools!






There was something kind of modern-art ish about this stage…







Lastly, after the quote for good quality fake grass, you know the kind with the dead pieces built in, came in at $10,000 for both sides of the yard and realizing that wasn’t going to happen while there is a bathroom (or two!) to remodel, we opted for the down and dirty quick fix of Home Depot astro turf at $20 per 6′ x 8′ roll for a grand total of $150.







Not a long term fix (I hope), but for not much money, it creates a soft landing pad for when Kai exists his kiddie pool/tub or just trips and falls–our Lab has been known to knock him over :(. As it was not much of an investment, we don’t mind the tricycling and toy explosion that takes place on it (real grass might not survive this kind of activity while the good fake grass can dent). It keeps weeds and dirt at bay and mowing as a non issue. We don’t love that it is artificial and I have this nagging fear that microscopic particles could enter our bloodstream via cracks in our feet–then again, people do walk barefoot on carpet and wear shoes made of all sorts of who-knows-what surfaces. So, for now, it keeps things neat and clean…even with a giant mess on top of it.







And it’s inspiring thoughts of backyard movie nights (a painter’s drop cloth makes a makeshift screen and we found a projector on Craigslist) with really cute beanbag chairs kind of like these…




Jaxx Juniper Chair





So we can do this…









Happy decorating! πŸ™‚




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