New year, new RH!

RH (“Restoration Hardware” for those of you not hip to their recent push to brand themselves as an acronym) has replaced its former space on Beverly Boulevard (which was a whopping 24,000 s/f) with new digs on Melrose Avenue that is…wait for it…a mouth-gaping 40,000 s/f!



The new RH features rugs and room vignettes and an organic tea atelier–(atelier: Fancy French word for a workshop or studio, especially one used by a designer. How many eyes would roll if I start referring to my home office as my “design atelier”? One pair at least: mine.)–and more chandeliers than you can shake an electric bill at.



Seriously, this place was chandelier-centric.



Exhibit A:




This display seems to say, “Energy bills be forsaken!”





RH Chandelier cluster Melrose





But look closer and there’s a pretty neat coffee table with a propeller base.






Propeller coffee table RH





This next vignette was interesting if “interesting” is my euphemism for “Don’t these chandeliers look like sparkly floating donuts?”






Floating donut chandeliers





There were chandeliers in the bedrooms…






RH Bedroom Scene Melrose





down the numerous halls…






RH Melrose Chandeliers





down even more halls….






RH Melrose Arched doorIs that an urn or a vase or a vase/urn?





And yet, there were still more chandeliers to witness.






More chandeliers RH Melrose





On the way to view more-ways-to-incorporate-four-or-more-chandeliers-into-one-room was this intriguing table.





RH Twisty table





Behold The Wall of Gilded Mirrors–strangely fitted with art lights which adds some design gravitas to the fact that they are just mirrors, or does it? I’m still undecided.






Mirror gallery wall RH





Then onwards and upwards to the 10,000 s/f (!!!) rooftop garden…





RH patio Melrose50 shades of indigo.





This park-like setting was complete with olive trees, DG pathways, views of the Hollywood Hills…and this dramatically long–I guess no one will be saying, “Load that into my trunk, please,”–coffee table.






RH long table MelroseAnd me, squinting into the sun.





Before the day was over, there was a quick jaunt to Formations, the store where design dreams come true, and one could say goodbye to his or her life savings in a matter of, “I’ll take that bed.”





Formations Los Angeles





It’s To the Trade and I was “oohing” and “ahhing” over just about everything.





See what I mean? Everything was kind of “Wow!”






Formations 2





Even their poured cement floor with its bands of inlaid metal was so clever.






Concrete floor metal strips





But this cement stack of “pillows” for the garden took the Cuteness award for the day. (Note: I sat on them and they were surprisingly comfortable!)






Concrete cushions Formations




How about you, have you discovered a store that sheds light on some new designs (pun intended)?

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2 Comments on New year, new RH!

  1. PickyB
    February 17, 2015 at 8:43 AM (5 years ago)

    Wow. That’s like going to Designer Heaven. Some beautiful stuff – I especially love the cement floor with metal inlays. And those crazy cement pillows. Those would be wild to put in a garden.

    • Kisha Gianni
      February 17, 2015 at 11:50 AM (5 years ago)

      Yes, the floor was especially neat! 🙂


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