Better than Calgon…Bridal Shower Lavender Bath Salts Tutorial

If you caught that Calgon reference, welcome to my peer group.



For all of you who have entered the Time Machine with me (capitalized because it makes it more “real”), Hi! Good to see you. You’re looking lovely today. So glad you could make it!



But, enough small talk. Please make way as I’m about to open the doors on a month ago. Well more like a month and a half ago if I actually consult the calendar (Really, where does the time go?) when I needed to come up with favors for my it-will-be-here-any-minute bridal shower.



I wanted something cute and useful and not likely to end up in a trashcan with the resolute proclamation: “This macrame’ friendship bracelet will never adorn my wrist–nor anyone else’s!” (said spitefully in the direction of the open-lidded kitchen trash bin, as a brightly colored yarn bracelet lands with a quiet thud atop a towering stack of sodden paper towels and one moldy orange).



So my mom suggested this…





Unicorn Farts Lip Balm


Which, truth be told, I thought was hilarious because come on, just the imagery conjured by the words “Unicorn Farts” is funny. When I read that it was a “lip balm”, I was a guffawing mess.  But, unfortunately, the Etsy site of the also brilliantly monikered Long Winter Farm, was put on temporary “This shop is taking a short break” status. No, not because Etsy is crusading against labels featuring the word “farts”, but likely the genius behind Long Winter Farm was bombarded with orders and needed a break.*




*Update: It turns out her real, non-Etsy, website is up and running where she offers such scrumptious flavors such as Honey Fig, Pumpkin Cheesecake–and Yetti Breath. Yetti Breath? Need I say more? Click here to see if for yourself.




So when the spangly, glitter-encrusted door to Unicorn Farts Lip Balm slammed shut, another had to open. So I got out a crowbar and flung the door open on this DIY project…





Epsom salts


I’m sorry if I just caused you eye strain (the light was pouring in from the window which meant my shot was back lit); the sign says: Lavender Bath Sachets.



Which you can make too!



Easy-peasy style. And so useful they almost come with a will-not-be-thrown-out-with-yesterday’s-moldy-oranges label (sure, not a “Unicorn Farts” label, but cool, nonetheless).



Epsom salts, lavender oil (for my local readers, the Clairmont Lavender Farm in Los Olivos sells lavender oil; for my non-local readers, they’re happy to ship), and dried lavender blossoms*.


*Lavender grows like a weed in my mom’s yard. If you don’t have access to my mom’s yard, lavender plants are easy to find at any nursery. Select one that is in bloom. Run your fingers across the blossoms to strip them from the plant (after you’ve paid for it, of course) and sprinkle them on a plate and leave in the sun or in a sunny window sill to dry.



Tip: If you happen to have an old window screen hanging around, (the Restore/Habitat for Humanity is a good source), shame on you for being such a hoarder! But, I get it, it’s moments like these that justify and motivate the behavior, don’t they?–she says knowingly. To use the screen for this project, wash it, dry it, and place it on top of a large empty bowl (or other surface that will allow air to circulate below). Sprinkle your freshly harvested lavender blossoms atop the screen, and leave the whole kit and kaboodle out in the sun to dry for at least a day or two. Meanwhile, and this is very important, seek out some other item from your homestead that you can part with since now you know how useful that screen is, you’re likely to never let it go. Dirty hoarder.




Important: “Ingredients” implies that the finished product might be consumed. Do not eat these, lest you suffer from the soapy taste of lavender in your mouth, a bout of upset stomach to rival the feeling in your tummy as you watched the Red Wedding scene in Game of Thrones (I know, I need to let that go, already) and possibly a worse calamity that could have been avoided entirely had you heeded my warning: Do not eat these, no matter how tantalizing they turn out.





Lavender sachet materials



Once your blossoms are dry, mix the ingredients.
The ratio should be something like this:


2 cups Epsom salts

4 drops lavender essential oil

2 T dried lavender blossoms




Epsom salts and lavender




Stir your mixture with a dry (this is the second mention of “dry” here; I hope you’re catching on to its importance; wet = clumping) spoon and fill the sachet bags. If you can’t find any sachet bags at the usual suspects (Michael’s, or any other craft store), you can order them online here.



Tie the top of the bag shut and hot glue a pretty embellishment to the knot. Source: the paper birds with rhinestone eyes came from the aisles of Michael’s.






Glue on accent



Like so…





Bridal Shower epsom salts favor



To make the sign, I cut a piece of cardboard-colored cardstock to a sign-appropriate size and folded it in half. Next I cut a piece of black craft paper with scalloped-edge scissors to give interesting shaped edges to the craft paper. I used a white pencil to create a chalkboard lettering effect and used a Gelly Roll pen, in pink, to add some glitter to the letters. I stuck the finished craft paper sign to the face of the card stock sign with double-sided tape. Translation: Make a sign.




Boom, a sign is born. (Which is totally important because I know you don’t want anyone mistaking these sachets as filled with snow-colored pop rocks.)





Epsom salts sign




In situ, they looked like this.








Lavender bath sachets 2



And this…





Bridal shower dessert table 2




And then by the end of the bridal shower, like this…




Because, unlike a bowl of macrame’ bracelets, everyone wanted one!






Epsom salts




PS, Another bridal shower tip: my maid of honor customized this journal with Scrabble tile stickers and I can’t say enough good things about this idea. Much better than a guest book (we altered the cover to read “and groom” and set it out at the wedding), where people often write like they’re writing in a yearbook–“Have a nice summer–err, marriage!” Or is that just me?–when you ask for advice, people give it and once the hoopla of the wedding was over, boy was it fun to read.





Advice for the bride




And last, but not least, here are some parting words from our sponsor…






Always be yourself





What about you guys? Do you have a really great tip for a DIY bridal shower party favor? Do share! Oh wait, nevermind, I’m married now so I don’t actually need to do this again unless it’s to help a betrothed friend in need–oh, heck, share anyway! I love a good DIY tip!




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    October 21, 2014 at 8:40 PM (6 years ago)

    Personally I think unicorn farts are a lot more useful than bath salts, but to each his/her own.


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