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The other day I flipped through a fashion magazine and saw a spread announcing the resurrection of flared jeans. This is big news. This is wardrobe-changing, budget-gobbling, “I invested how much in skinny jeans and now they’re a fashion flub?” news. Just when we females (and some menfolk) finally embraced the sensation of denim grasping our ankles like cling wrap, we must welcome flared bottoms flapping and whacking our calves with each gladiator-sandled step?




Boho chic flared jeansImage via Something Navy





Yep. It’s all part of Boho Chic (Bohemian Chic), the sartorial shift to get your gypsy on, to pull your scarves and shawls out of the “To Donate” box that never made its way out of the attic, and ask your inner Stevie Nicks if she’s ready to roll. And, folks, this fashion movement has found its way into the world of home decor!




This doesn’t happen very often–in fact, it’s hard to imagine another clothing trend crossing the threshold of the home; but Boho Chic has done it. Ah, but get ready to breathe a sigh of relief. There is no need to overhaul your existing decor; this look is so style specific that just a few elements can transform your space. So let’s get layering!





 Boho chic layered rugsImage source: unknown






Lay it down: If there’s an essential element of Boho Chic, it’s the use of rugs. They can be brightly hued flat-weave kilims, vivid suzanis with with their radiating circles and scrolls galore, or cream-colored Moroccan wedding blanket rugs with rows of fluffy fringe embellished with silver sequin bling. Or all three–slightly overlapping. No kidding.





Flokati rug Moroccan wedding blanket bedspread boho chicImage via Fashion Squad






For a conservative approach to Boho Chic, I’d suggest using a brightly colored rug here or there, as these color-rich rugs can otherwise be overpowering. Or place a large natural fiber rug in, say, the living room and add a smaller, more colorful rug on top for a subtle layered effect. The vanilla tones of a Moroccan wedding blanket rug or a fluffy wool flokati certainly offer a softer look–not to mention a place to sink your toes!





 Boho chic tapestry headboardElle Decor; Ellen Pompeo’s bedroom; image via Portwings






Looking up: Rugs need not be limited to the floor. Suspended on the wall, at the head of the bed, they are the latest DIY headboard.




Pile it on:  Perhaps in contrast to all the neutral decor as of late, pillows must be drenched in color and more is, well, more. Mismatched? Oh yes, but focus your selection on bright blue and white batiks, ikat, Moroccan and suzani patterns, fringe-centric Moroccan Wedding Blanket pillows and anything that says “world traveler”. Note: bright colored pillows tend to look best against neutral colored sofas or bedding. Finishing touch? Toss a blanket edged in fringe or pom poms across your sofa, chair or bed.




Boho chic bedroomSource Amber Interiors






Fiddle leaf fig Boho chic decor lambskin rugImage via Homemaker




They’re alive!: Those mood lifting, air-cleaning, room brightening elements called plants are thankfully being re-embraced as essential elements of Boho decor. Top picks: Fiddle Leaf Figs, Snake Plants, Boston Ferns and Majesty Palms. You’ll want to place yours in over-sized natural fiber baskets and, I kid you not, macrame planters are back.





Suzani table cloth gallery wall bohemian chicImage via HomeEdit





On the wall: Walls are mostly painted white or the extreme opposite: plastered with large scale, busy-as possible wallpaper. Adorn said white walls with gallery groupings of portrait paintings (thrift stores are a great source) and, if there was ever a time for incorporating bad seascapes, your gallery wall is taking submissions.





Bohemian chic bedImage via DigsDigs





Boho loves brass: Boho Chic has a soft spot for all things brass from light fixtures to cabinet hardware, planters and vases to curios.






Sheepskin rugs on chairs dining table boho chicImage via Mix and Chic




Diversification: Small-sized lambskin rugs can be draped on chairs to give them some Boho flair. And if these chairs are at a dining table, don’t worry if they don’t all match. In fact, this is a mix and match, vintage-embracing, causal style where pairing a Mid-Century Modern credenza in the same room with Balinese footstools, patterned poufs and a brass tray-topped coffee table with folding wood legs can read as charmingly cohesive. Really.





Mismatched chairs dining roomImage via Digs Digs




Be seated: Did you ever think you’d see hanging wicker pod chairs suspended from a ceiling again? Or wicker for that matter? Just when you thought something was “out” enough to get rid of, it’s back. But a Boho home just wouldn’t be chic without the random odds and ends like a wooden dough bowl filled with strands of chunky glass beads set out on a coffee table and don’t forget to add the shawl-cum-table runner to your dining room table–you’ll find one in the attic in the box marked “To Donate”!





Boho chic decor wicker chair lambskin rugImage via Etsy





This post has been adapted from my column, Design Intervention, which runs every other Saturday in The Santa Barbara News-Press.




Happy decorating! 🙂


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