Make way for modern: Interior Design Predictions for 2015



There’s something to be said for choosing classic decor: it’s timeless, aesthetically pleasing, and when you get it right the first time, you gain the peace of mind that you’ll likely avoid a redo.





 Laura Ashley 80s bedroom floral bedspread floral wallpaperThe opposite of timeless.






But if everyone shirked trendy in favor of longevity, can you imagine what would happen to our economy? Sure, it’s a bummer that sponge painted walls and popcorn ceilings didn’t stand the test of time. That those height of haute, circa 1995, Laura Ashley floral curtains don’t have a single taker in your garage sale’s Free box today.



Perhaps we can think of it as our civic duty to cycle through the phases of In/Out; Hot/Not; “I hate brass/I need more brass!” (Economic stability, we’ve got your back!)




So for those on the precipice of a renovation, for others who are due to entertain a new look for the New Year, and for the rest of us who just like to keep a finger on the pulse of relevancy, I offer you some of the top home decor trends of 2015!







EDC100113_212Source: Elle Decor, Cameron Diaz’s kitchen. Design by Kelly Wearstler.





Illuminating: “See ya!” Schoolhouse lights and bare Edison bulbs. This year, the trend will be to decorate kitchens and dining rooms with a single, and strange, light fixture. Looking “found” and “Where did you find that?” is in. In fact, the odder, the better. The traditional look of a conventional chandelier suspended over the dining room table has been replaced by oddity and eclecticism is reigning supreme.






Bubble glass chandelier dining room Source: Gorgeous Home Decor. com






Feels right: You’ll see cowhides and lambskin rugs either placed alone or layered over natural-fiber rugs. Pet a Mongolian lamb pillow and you may decide your sofa needs two or three.






Hand chair hair on hide Emily Henderson office blue walls Hair-on-hide in  Emily Henderson’s office







Mongolian lamb pillow black leather sofa unusual chandelierMongolian Lamb Pillows available at Ava Home Design If this isn’t the strangest light fixture, ever, I don’t know what is.







Hot in the kitchen: The style pendulum has swung and white cabinets will be swapped for darker colors such as light and dark grey–even black cabinets are back en vogue! These moodier tones will be paired, in striking contrast, with brass hardware. Shaker cabinets, I’ll always love you, but the market is also making way for glossy-front cabinets that offer a sleek, modern look with their Jetson-esque invisible hardware.





All that glitters: You’ll be spotting gold, brass, and copper accents on lighting fixtures, plumbing fixtures, cabinet hardware and curios. If it’s shiny, it’s all the rage.





 Black cabinets white subway tileSource: Homedit Interior Design and Architecture Magazine







Glossy white kitchen Italian cabinets modern kitchenSource: Magzmagz Hardware? What hardware. Space age is what it is.






Step on it: White washed, wide-plank European White Oak was the It floor for 2014, and will likely work its way into the new year. But for those who want the look of wood with the ease of tile maintenance, Tileco, in Santa Barbara, says tile planks that mimic rustic wood are hotter than ever. “Bigger is better,” they add. Standard 12″ x 12″ tile? So passe! The more modern 12″ x 24″ rectangle has superseded the square (unless we’re talking 24″ x 24″ squares). Even tiles as gargantuan as 24″ x 48″ are having their moment. Textural tile (imagine large, monochromatic rectangles with wavy rides running through them) are trending, as well as vein cut stone or porcelain made to mimic stone. Meanwhile, heavy contrast, such as dark stained cabinets set against white quartz counters, is in high demand.






Source: Houzz: Beach Style Powder Room by Boston Architects & Building Designers ZeroEnergy Design







Source: Houzz, Modern Living Room by Victoria Interior Designers & Decorators The Sky is the Limit Design





As the color wheel turns: Newsflash: grey is the new beige. All right, we knew that last year, but it’s still in. For those not ready to covert from its predecessor, tan, to the new go-to neutral for walls, I offer you: greige. (Not kidding.)




For the bold and daring rest of us, we’ll be loving grey stained floors and furniture, painted cabinets and walls, and upholstery fabric. However, we’ll also see more splashes of color introduced to liven up the grey (e.g., modern art, vibrant prints, indigo blue sofas). The year of “the color of oatmeal” may just be usurped by saturated and bright.





Indigo blue sofa modern art Emily HendersonSource: Emily Henderson






So abstract: Have you noticed the sudden surplus of modern art in catalogs and design magazines? When Pottery Barn, monger of the traditional, displayed graphic prints in their room scenes, I knew it was official; we’re being primed for anti-realism. Brace yourself for an onslaught of bright and blobby colors and smeary streaks; modern art has gone mainstream.





 Pottery Barn Modern Art PaintingSource: Pottery Barn





Modern everything: Faucets included! The other day I was searching for faucets at Ferguson’s and had a hard time finding something that wasn’t modern. Yesteryear’s darling, oil rubbed bronze, has been pushed out by brushed nickel and polished chrome. For the super trendsetters, you know brass is back–with a vengeance! These finishes are the new shining stars of the primarily minimalist, square-edged, sleek and clean design lines. It looks like this year we may be saying goodbye to flourishes, and hello to minimalism.





Modern bathroom floating vanity modern faucetSource: Creative Interiors Solutions





And to you I say, happy decorating!





Note: This blog post has been adapted from my newspaper column, Design Intervention, which runs every other Saturday in The Santa Barbara News-Press.


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