Holy cowhide: Our chair is in House Beautiful magazine!

Okay, so it’s not our chair.



But it’s our chair.




(Who’s on first?)



And when I spotted it in the July/August 2014 issue of House Beautiful magazine I jumped for joy and ran around the living room nudging JB and squealing, “Look! That’s our chair! But not our chair.”




I can tell you it was just the two of us standing in the living room. And only one of us was impressed. (The one who’s desperately trying to run with this “Who’s on first?” reference.)







Our chair in House BeautifulYep, that chair. Room design by Juan Carretero.





No, House Beautiful didn’t draw the blue arrow. That was all me making sure you knew what to look for so would understand my glee when…





I showed you this.






Our living room chairOur living room. Design by, yours truly. Disclaimer: we’re on the precipice of a remodel so please ignore that that’s carpet beneath the cowhide rug and not the pretty reclaimed hardwood planks we have selected that–I can only hope and pray–will be installed sooner rather than later. As for any other design fouls, please apply the same “Pre-remodel Pass.”





Before I took the photo to share with you, I remembered I just happened to have a spare cowhide rug hanging out in my garage (as any good hoarder interior designer would) so I set it in place and now I’d say Juan Carretero and I have just about the same style vibe going on. Of course, Juan’s abode is in Manhattan (we’re in Santa Barbara) and his chair is noted as “an antique scroll-arm chair” while ours is “newer”. Then again, his antique version has torn leather and ours, (yay, estate sale scores!), I am happy to report, does not. Point for Juan. Point for me.




House Beautiful chair detailThis is Juan’s chair as shown in House Beautiful. See how the seat looks like someone wearing sandpaper pants sat down one too many times? The funny thing is I didn’t draw that arrow on the pillow; it’s part of the pattern and it’s pointing right to the damaged seat of the chair like, “Check out how worn I am. I’m am so antique, I’m almost refuse.”





But that’s enough about chairs, Juan, and this blogger. As for JB, he still thinks the chair is the most uncomfortable thing he’s ever sat in and longs for the parallel universe where I replace it with some leather squishy thing that reclines and comes fitted with a cup holder. Sorry JB, in this universe, Juan and I would never approve!


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  1. Mom
    August 15, 2014 at 12:21 PM (7 years ago)

    I happen to LOVE that chair. So there.


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