Hawaii Part 2

For all of you who received the post “Aloha, Hawaii. We miss you already!” twice, I apologize. (For those who didn’t receive it at all, I also apologize and you can scroll down to the end of this post to view it.) The long explanation involves way too many technological terms. The short one is my blog delivery service went into a precautionary shutdown mode in an effort to combat spam. Problem solved, I think. Fingers and toes are crossed!


When we last left off, we were here…



Beach feet



When I turned around, I saw this…




Dark clouds


It was very strange to look straight ahead and see blue sky and sunshine (see first picture) only to swivel my head and see an impending storm. Good thing we had our fill of Vitamin D and packed in a hurry because a few minutes later we drove down the road and saw this…



giant water spout!



Water SpoutView from Makena beach, Maui




I took this photo from the car window which means we were out of there in minutes. Good thing since we later heard reports there was a flash flood that we (phew!) barely missed.




There were other displays of water, but all more predictable such as the Spouting Horn on Kauai.




Spouting Horn pre spoutWait for it….





Spouting HornThere you go.




Or this beautiful beach (Barking Sands on Kauai) that could only be accessed after a 30 minute bucking bronco style car ride over a dirt road that was more pot holes and sharp rocks than it was dirt. As I drove us in, I scooted all the way forward in my seat with my white knuckles at the top of the steering wheel, hoping we wouldn’t get a flat tire or a busted oil pan.  When we finally arrived, I exclaimed, “This better be the best beach we have ever seen!” Well, it kind of was. It was beautiful, it was desolate (there was one other person that you can barely make out in the background, but those foot prints were all mine) but the sand was also seriously, scorchingly hot!



Barking SandsBarking Sands beach, Kauai. (Ouch, ouch, ouch!)




I read they call it Barking Sands because the sound the grains of sand make when you walk on them. I think it’s because with every step you take, your dogs are barking. I had flip flops on and my feet still felt seared. It was so painful that I ran through the sand dunes (not pictured) on the way back up to the car. Ten minutes later, back onto that bad road, I realized my watch was missing and had likely fallen into those sand dunes and that is where I decided to let it live. As much as I loved that watch, it wasn’t worth ten more minutes doubling back on that terribly bumpy road and I knew I’d never be able to slowly retrace my steps on that sand. If you go, don’t wear lose jewelry (well, ever) and consider going Mainlander style with tennis shoes and socks!






But despite having the soles of my feet slightly singed, I’m happy to report there was good design everywhere…



Hawaii GateGate on the road by Makena beach.





Tidepools ceilingThe tapa cloth ceiling of the Tidepool’s restaurant at the Hyatt, Kauai.






CabanaThe cabanas where we stayed at The Outrigger, Maui. Wouldn’t one of these cabanas be so great in a backyard? Tip: If you’re considering it, you may want to keep it without walls, as shown above; my best friend just returned from Belize and said the (enclosed) room they stayed in had a similar palapa (palm frond) roof and it gave the room a slight scent of a urine soaked basket!





Red SaltRed Salt restaurant, Kauai. Check out that capiz shell chandelier!




Red Salt wall decorA wall in the dining room of Red Salt.




Close up Red SaltUp close, they looked a bit like little Tupperware cups, but very effective from afar.




I even liked the color palette in our hotel room. It was kind of like temporarily living in a sepia-toned photograph (the art was also sepia-toned photography to go with the theme), but I thought it worked. It felt very calming and I loved the radical pattern of the carpet and the giant bamboo on the mirror.




Maui hotel



Nature is always endlessly inspiring…




Tree and oceanNear Spouting Horn, Kauai. There was going to be a rooster in this photo, until he became scared and scooted out of the frame.




WaimeaWaimea Canyon, second lookout spot (don’t just stop at the first and turn around!), Kauai.





Swinging BridgeInspiring nature and architecture (the Swinging Bridge in Hanapepe, Kauai)! I wonder what it would be like to live in that green house at the end of the bridge.




In Hawaii, they even have pleasing designs on their payphones…




Hawaiian Phone BoothYes, a payphone (in Hanalei, Kauai)! I picked it up and there was a dial tone, so I think it must work.



And if you go to Glass Beach by Port Allen…




Glass BeachGlass Beach, Kauai. (That’s beach glass and beach aluminum in my palm.)



You can see this graveyard….




GraveyardEqually eerie and beautiful.





Kaui tombstoneI know it is kapu (forbidden) to take home lava rocks lest you welcome calamity in your life. Let’s just hope there is not a similar rule for posting and blogging about photos of grave sites with lava rocks at their bases.




Each grave stone appeared entirely different (from afar, that is; I didn’t get too close). Strangely enough, there are many, many graveyards along major roads in Kauai, but what was perhaps most interesting about this one was its view…





Recycling PlantNot bad for all of eternity–except maybe the view of the recycling plant but it is the reason behind all that cool beach glass.




Our friends were staying at the Hyatt so we got to walk the grounds (and wish we were staying there)…






Feed the koi fish…




Feeding koi


To create this feeding frenzy koi vortex…an interesting design unto its own…








And, guess what the rooms at the Hyatt have? Only Carara marble floors and the Toto Washlet (bidet) toilets, of course.




Toto at HyattThe Toto Neorest 700H Dual Flush model runs a mere $4,450.00. If you don’t consider that flushing money down the toilet, you can find one here.



But it was the free things found in nature we found most fun like this view…




Taro FieldsThe taro fields in Hanalei, Kauai.




Or spotting this guy on the side of the road…




Horse I pulled over to take this shot but didn’t get any closer in case the horse didn’t care much for gawking tourists. I was feeling bad for this horse strangely tied up to a fence alongside a main road (the road on the way to the dirt path for Barking Sands) until we passed two more horses that were tied up and eating and we realized this was a two-in-one to keep the vegetation down and feed the horses for free. Not a bad idea, I guess.




And eating the local fruit fare was a must.








Exposed rambutanRambutan–not as sweet and flavorful as lychee, but still fun in it’s grape-meets-tropical-fruit melding nonetheless. Plus I love the design of their softly spiked reddish pink skins.




What about you? Are you planning a trip soon? Don’t forget to leave lose jewelry at home and consider paying someone to carry you over any beaches calling themselves Barking Sands!


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