Ombre’ Gilded-Edge Pom Pom “Blossom” Tutorial

Well that was a mouthful. And yet, the question remains, Does the internet really need one more pom pom “blossom” tutorial?




Why yes, I think it does.




Because, because, because.



Because before the wedding, there was a bridal shower. The most beautiful, “Is this really for me? It’s like something out of a magazine!” bridal shower.




Bridal Shower chairs




Held in this amazing house. (Thank you Jennifer Taylor of Taylor House Interiors!)





Bridal shower living room 3






And another view because it takes two angles to do this room justice.





Bridal shower living room 1





There was a drink station like this. (A word about cucumber water: it’s one of those things that I forget about and then I sip it and think, “Every day should be Cucumber Water Day!”)






Bridal shower beverages




A food station.  (You’ll have to use your imagination and picture the gluten-free quiches that were later placed on those pretty glass risers.)





Bridal shower quiche table





A bathroom decorated with details that looked…





Bridal shower bathroom



like this….





Bridal shower vanity




There was yummy food and mimosas (cucumber water? What cucumber water?)





Bridal Shower food




And floral arrangements…





Bridal shower flowers





Oh, the floral arrangements….





Bridal shower flowers 3





Everywhere you looked, there was something pretty…






Bridal shower glasses





Including these gilded ombre’ pom pom “blossoms”…





Bridal shower table




And, without further ado…





Upclose pom pom





(Well, just a little ado)…here’s how to make ’em:





1. You’ll want to use at least 8 sheets of tissue paper. I worked with eight, but you can use more to fertilize (grow) your pom pom “blossoms”. For the ombre’ effect, you’ll want at least two gradations of color (e.g., you could select fuschia and pale pink or lime green and kelly green).





Pom Pom Tissue Paper





2. Stack your sheets, alternating the colors as you go. The stack will likely form a rectangle, (most tissue paper comes this shape), but you want it to be square. Measure the excess and trim away.





Stacked tissue paper 2




3. Now begin at one side and fold the edge over 1″. Flip the paper over and fold another inch. Continue to flip and fold, accordion-style, until you have run out of paper to fold. (If this sounds complicated, simply think of making a paper fan.)





Folding tissue paper






4. Once you have your folded “fan”, use scissors to scallop each end (as seen below). Note: If you want to do something besides the scalloped edge, feel free to cut a zig zag or double scallop.





Scallop Pom Pom edge




5. Mark the center of the “fan” (with pen, your finger, or both). Use a piece of fishing line that is at least 3′ (or as long as you think you’ll need to hang your pom pom) and wrap one end around the center of the “fan” and knot it in place. You will later use the other, loose end, for hanging.





Marking Pom Pom center



Tip:  When you tie the center of the “fan”, make sure it still lies flat (see above) and that you don’t pull so tight that it scrunches in the middle (see below) or you will make the next step harder on yourself.




Don't do this pom pomAck, don’t do this! (See photo above.)




6. Slightly open up the two sides of your “fan” and they will look something like this.






Pom Pom with scalloped edges



7. Start on one side of the “fan” and pull ONE LAYER AT A TIME towards you until the pom pom “blossom” begins to open and take shape.





Open Pom Pom layers




If you noticed we just changed color (and scalloped edge), you definitely don’t have ADHD. Excuse the erratic color shift, but this shot nicely captures the pulling process, don’t ya think?






Pink Pom Pom Open Layers 2




And when you are finished pulling, you’ll end up with a pom pom “blossom” similar to this. (Keepin’ it fresh with the color switcheroo.)





Opened Pom Pom





Ready for some magic? It comes in a can.





Rust-Oleum Metallic





8. Gild the edges of you pom pom “blossom” with metallic gold spray paint. (Alternately you could use silver or Krylon’s gold or silver Glitter Blast spray paint if you wanted to up the bling ante.)




Gilded Pom Pom



9. Ta da! Look at that, nine easy steps! Now you just have to find the perfect spot to hang them.



I hung mine in the living room to keep them as unsmooshed as possible before transporting them to the bridal shower site–and realized they look really cute hung from a chandelier! Note to self: future party idea. Orange and black for Halloween…eh?




Pom Poms from chandelier




Here they are hung where they were intended to.





Pom Poms going up



The lone gilded ombre’ pom pom “blossom”…




Pom Pom chandelier



joined by friends….




Bridal shower table




Speaking of friends, none of this would have happened if it wasn’t for Jennifer Taylor and my sweet Maid of Honor, and BFF, Mary Lynn. Thank you both, immensely, for hosting the bridal shower of my dreams!



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