DIY bandana pillow project!


There was once a smallish outdoor pillow.




This pillow…





Outdoor furniture pillow




Not bad.



But not so good.



It was just sort of…






And that wasn’t doing anything for our outdoor seating. Enter: the inexpensive bandana ($1 each at Walmart or the Dollar Tree).





Bandana pillows on bench




And some down and dirty sewing!  No cutting necessary as these bandanas come 22″ x 22″. I used 22″ x 22″ pillow inserts (the finished cases were 21 1/2″ x 21 1/2″) which made for a nice, snug fit.





Bandana pillows on outdoor seat




You know the sewing drill, right? Simply place the fabric front to front; sew all sides together except one and turn inside out to reveal your, almost, finished pillow.



Now about that final side. In an alternate universe where I am a more adept sewer or someone was, kindly, doing the sewing for me, that last side would get a zipper because when you can remove your pillowcases you can A) launder them and B) frequently change your cases allowing you to alter the look of your decor as often as you see fit.




Stack of colorful bandana pillows



However, since I was my own labor force, I opted for the easy route of sewing a long, single strand of Velcro, in lieu of a zipper, (sewing the “girl” part of the Velcro to one upper lip of the opening and the “boy” part to the other), and calling them sufficiently finished.



JB built that side table using wood salvaged from our former pergola: 4 x 4s for the legs, 2 x 6s for the edges and 2 x 4s for the top. I love it now, but once the legs develop a patina to match the top, I think it will look even better.





Coral bandana pillow on chair



At $2 per pillow for the bandanas (one for the front, one for the back, and you may want to consider using a different color for each so one pillow provides two different color options), this might be the least expensive pillow you ever make. Imagine using them on a twin bed to add more color to a kid’s room or on an all-white bed in a guest bedroom in a rustic-style home. Note: If you use them outside for entertaining, I’d suggest pulling them in as soon as the last guest leaves or the somewhat thin fabric will likely fade before someone can say,



“Cute pillows!”




Happy Monday!



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