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It’s all over the internet: Facebook users are less likely to LOL (Laugh Out Loud) than they are to phoneticize their guffaw with a “haha” or a “hehe”. At least that’s what the social media “share and show off site” (aka FB) discovered after analyzing posts written in English during the last week of May.






Chair with spine design on backOkay, maybe for Halloween, or if you’re an orthopedic surgeon, but those are THE ONLY INSTANCES when this chair does not max out the creepy-bad-taste meter.






Good, I say. I was always a “haha” kind of person who found LOL too trendy, too socialized, and too embraced by the same folks who chant “Woo!” to articulate unbridled enthusiasm, think terms like “jelly” are acceptable substitutes for the word “jealous” and respond with ROFL (Rolling On Floor Laughing) to anything other than grievous news.







Rattan circular chairThis chair, on the other hand, sure it may be totally uninviting and poky looking (certainly not ideal characteristics for an everyday chair) but isn’t it still just so darn charming?





But that’s right now, this moment, if you want to be on-trend. It’s head-spinning to keep up isn’t it?  So imagine my disposition a few weeks ago when I attended the Las Vegas Design Market, a To-the-Trade-only mecca for the latest in home decor where climbing the escalator through three buildings, 42 floors in all, I had two days to absorb showrooms packed with what’s promised to be the next design craze. The latest and greatest. Stuff that will be coming soon to a living room near you–yours if you should be so lucky! Here they are, the top design trends from the Las Vegas Market 2015, and they’re so worthy on an OMG!






Leather Chair with metal petrified wood side tableNote the petrified wood side table.






So old, it’s new: Side tables fashioned from a slice of polished petrified wood atop slim metal legs are the side table du jour. A few years back, the ridiculously heavy solid petrified stumps were a home fashion must-have, but, thankfully, for the health of our backs (have you tried to lift one of those things?) styles have shifted to the airier, open-legged look.







White Peacock clear acrylic chairWhat to say? Words escape me.






Seeing clearly: Calling to mind Cinderella’s glass slipper, surprisingly see-thru acrylic chairs in the French style of a rounded back dining chair (transparent shades are available, but devoid of color was the clear winner) will add some cheeky glam to your desk or dining table. Used sparingly, wacky wallpaper (framed old photos of movie stars, rows of vintage books, abstract bunnies) adds the perfect whimsical backdrop.







Black and white photo wallpaper Andrew MartinPoints for fascinating.







Gilded frame art wallpaperThis wallpaper takes the gallery wall concept to a new level and does all the agonizing work of placement and hanging for you!








Andrew Martin book wallpaperThink of all the real books you could store if you just built a bookshelf where this wallpaper would hang.








Kravet bunny wallpaperWho doesn’t want to be reminded of Easter all year long?








White lacquer table metal legs plastic formed chairs cowhideImage via Elle Espana.






Smooth surfaces: If you’re riding the sleek and modern wave, consider a desk or dining table finished in glossy white lacquer with sparkling X-base legs for your home office or dining room. Not only is the look clean, the smooth surface is a breeze to wipe up.









Leather and metal dining chairNote the X-base table legs, the bench seating and the metal/leather chair combo.








Wood plank headboardIdea alert: this could be your next DIY project!







Mix, don’t match: Imagine this: dining chairs on one side of your table and on the other side…a bench!  A bench with a dining table brings to mind a merry BBQ al fresco feel, can accommodate more guests than individual chairs will, and offering two different seating options at one table is just, well, fun. So what are the tables looking like these days? Traditional polished wood tables with turned legs are in short supply, but live-edge tops, rough-hewn planks, and concrete topped tables pared with metal or wood Parson’s legs are ubiquitous. Note: plank wood everything from headboards to buffets are so plentiful, I fear they may not sustain the saturation.







Herman Miller formed plastic dining chairHerman Miller chairs.






Fifties fanaticism: The love affair with Mid Century Modern continues. White or brightly colored formed-plastic chairs with metal tubular legs are being marketed for the living and dining room although I find the look a bit classroom–cafeteria, at best!  Tapered wood or metal hairpin legs that appear so spindly they seem likely to crush under the weight of the chairs, console tables, and buffets they’re holding up are apparently supported by a mighty big fan base. Table lamps with bases of walnut or fired ceramic paired with textured linen shades were outnumbered only by the plethora of arcing floor lamps with over-sized barrel shades. Tip: the latter are great for placing next to a sofa for super task lighting, but only if you can make peace with the sensational of something dangling over your head.







Leather and metal tube modern lounge chairMetal tubes and distressed leather? Oh, yes. Does anyone remember the Maxell ads from the 80s where the man is sitting low in his Le Corbusier chair, blown back by the sound of his Maxell speaker system? I feel like that man when I sit in these new low sofas/lounge chairs.






How low can you go?: Lounge chairs and sofas have gone deep and low. How deep? So deep that if you lean back you’re slouching, and if you aren’t terribly tall, you may find your feet are dangling. But how low? Let’s just say if you’re with child or your joints are aching, forget about getting up gracefully. That being said, they are a thing of beauty. Muted tones still reign supreme, with sofa styles toggling between tufted and tailored to the even cleaner line of the tight back and single bench-seat sofa (say goodbye to sitting on a seam). Adding to the ever popular oatmeal-toned linen fabric was this newcomer: distressed brown leather. This sanded-looking leather was often accompanied by what appeared to be metal tubes wrapping around the sides of said sofa or chair. Very Bauhaus. Very a la mode.







Maxell speaker 80s ad Le Corbusier chair80s Maxell advertisement. Image via iconic photos.





This post was adapted from my column, Design Intervention Diary, which runs every other Saturday in the Santa Barbara News-Press.





Happy decorating and happy Tuesday! 🙂



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