Conference Room Reveal!


I was recently enlisted to re-design a room that had one smallish window and a spatial configuration that made it feel like a glorified storage closet (on its best day) into a conference room worthy of a group of medical professionals.



So it was decided walls must come down and a new ceiling would go up. Accordion-style frosted glass doors were installed along with faux wood vinyl flooring.







But it still needed some wow. So as I presented my design to the group of doctors who would be using this space, I shared my idea for the wow: a giant mural! A mural that would inspire everyone who entered. Yet not distract from important presentations. A mural that would be fun. But not too fun. Or offensive. It had to appeal to both genders, all races, and be uplifting in a generalized sort of way. I concluded with, “Kind of like a Nike ad with an athlete running, except no athlete.” And somehow they agreed and still kept me on as their designer. 🙂



I was determined to find the right image for the mural, yet had no idea what that would be. Back at my office, I pulled another client’s file, and, due to some random “rearranging” by Kai a photo from my Inspiration file was stuck to it. (I must remember that Kai works in mysterious ways the next time I tell him not to mess with mommy’s files!) The photo below landed in my lap; light bulbs flickered in my head; I texted the client a shot of the image and he replied with an emphatic thumbs-up emoji.




Source: Elle Decor Italia




Thus, the idea of a 20′ long mural that filled an entire wall with images of black and white clouds was born and installed and I couldn’t be happier with the results.







I sourced the mural through EazyWallz who didn’t actually offer any black and white cloud designs on their website (they were all blue/white) so we chose a blue and white version, adjusted the cloud configuration ten million times (or so it felt; there were many revisions) and then had the tone changed to black and white prior to printing. Their customer service was exceptional and if you are in need of a peel-and-stick wall mural, (custom or standard) I highly recommend them.




Other angle…










Other side Before. (And Kai’s baby feet in blurry motion.) 🙂









La Cantina accordion-style doors allow conference attendees to spill out into the vestibule during the most popular presentations.









The halo lights were hung crazily high (we broke the standard of 30″ above the tabletop) because the table is modular, and thus re-position-able, so we had to make sure noggin’ knocking was avoided–aesthetic rules be damned.








And the all-important kitchenette (coming soon: the right sized fridge 😉 ).









Happy decorating, happy Friday, and I hope your day is filled with blue skies! 🙂





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