Framed chalkboard signs: A tutorial


Chalkboard frame signs


I’ll admit it right now; this post has wedding decor tendencies.



But please don’t hold that against it. It’s also a project with potential. Like a blank slate. Or at least a chalkboard surface you can wipe clean with the swipe of a moistened rag.





So back into the time machine we go. When it was this past September and I was about to be married in what felt like five minutes.  I visited the showroom of the party rental company, (who shall not be named since I’m about to tell you how to make something yourself instead of renting it from them). And spotted these…..






Mr Mrs wood chair signs




They rented for $30-something. I’m not sure if that price was for each or the pair; either way it read like robbery.  So I decided to make my own new fangled version that could be repurposed–post wedding.




And you can, too!




Here’s how: Begin with a frame with a glass insert (i.e., not an empty frame, the glass here is key). Open the back of the frame and remove the glass.






99 cents store frameFrames sourced at the 99 Cents Only store.





The glass will become your chalkboard surface once you spray it with this..






Kryon chalkboard paint





Follow the manufacturer’s instructions which boil down to shake for 2 minutes and spray with even strokes 10″ to 14″ away from your surface. I sprayed two coats allowing fifteen minutes of drying time in between coats.





Spray paint glassSee all that dirt? This is your reminder to spare your lungs and spray outside.  Spare your ground cover by placing an old paper bag or piece of cardboard down first and resting the glass, to be sprayed, on top.





When your sprayed glass inserts have dried, they will look like this….






Chalkboard paint on glass





And they’re ready to be inserted back into the frames, like this….






Chalboard frames





Use chalk to write what you wish. In this case, creating signs that read “Mr.” and “Mrs.” was the goal.







Mr. Mrs. Chalkboard signs





To hang the signs on our chairs, I looped a piece of satin ribbon through the picture hanger on the back of the frame. To cover the mechanics, I cut a piece of black craft paper to be the same size as the frame. I taped the paper to the back of the frame using double-sided tape, looped the ribbon through the chair back, and tied the the loose ends into a knotted bow.





Hang chalkboard frame





I set up a little scene to do a test run and decided they looked nice.





Mr Mrs Chalkboard Sign Test




And for the day of wedding, I thought they were perfect.






Mr Mrs chair signs





Wedding appetizers 2



At 99 cents a frame, it was too tempting not to make multiple signs. We used them at the wedding to distinguish the cucumber water from the lemon water–as though the suspended fruit didn’t say it all, but, hey, I had a surplus of signs to display! Another, nestled between the appetizers, (see above), read “Love”.





Other uses: To display a menu at your next dinner party; used to identify the vegetarian platter or other mystery dish that requires some explaining. Or, for the upcoming holiday season, they could simply read “Peace,” “Noel,” or be used to alert Santa which cookies are his.



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2 Comments on Framed chalkboard signs: A tutorial

  1. jen
    November 15, 2014 at 5:05 PM (6 years ago)

    Who knew? I would of thought the paint would scratch off the glass.
    What do you do with them now? Cute hanging over individual towel hooks in the potty……
    Cool pics.

    • Kisha Gianni
      November 16, 2014 at 1:56 PM (6 years ago)

      That would be cute! I just used them next to two different cake stands filled with cupcakes so guests could differentiate between the Espresso Yourself cupcakes and the Pumpkin Maple cupcakes. I am considering using them for a Thanksgiving buffet so I can call out the different items–except the turkey, which needs no introduction. 🙂 As you said, you could hang them on the wall–complete with neat sayings.


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