Boho Chic decor at The Goodland Hotel in Goleta, California



As a married couple trying to squeeze in a bit of grownup time (as in going out to dinner) before the baby arrives in November, last weekend we decided to have dinner at the Outpost restaurant at The Goodland Hotel in Goleta.



It’s a Kimpton hotel and Kimpton is known for creating hotels that feel young, trendy and hipster-worthy. Not that I’m feeling any of these things at the moment, but I wanted to see how a formerly dated (but aren’t they all?) Holiday Inn could be transformed into something a designer friend described as, “Very cool and very Bohemian Chic!”



So I was game…



and not the least bit disappointed!



Here’s the head-on view as you enter…



Boho chic entry Goodland hotel


They had me at serpentine sofa. And Moroccan wedding blanket pillow, poufs, and a kilim rug with fringe that looks like it has a case of cowlick.





If you look over to the left, there was this unconventional hotel decor…




That is not wallpaper, those areĀ  1″ x 2″ boards protruding from the wall and adding detail–and, methinks, a lot of hard to reach spots that housekeeping might not be too enthused about having to dust.




Boho chic hotel decor



But these chairs…




Lounge chairs at Goodland hotel



I would never have chosen a fabric that light for a commercial setting, but, right this minute…they look amazing. I made asked JB to study how they were made…just in case he needs to build something similar at our house.




To the right, it was like visiting your cool friend’s living room.




Boho chic lounge goodland hotel




The reception desk had an inventive rope pattern in the front and check out that chevron plank feature wall. But don’t forget about the offbeat, randomly colored, hexagonal tile floor. I sure won’t.




Check in desk Goodland hotel




The restaurant had these seats. (Each one appeared to be slightly different.)





Chair at Outpost restaurant




Therefore, of course, each back featured a different quote. Quotes on backs of chairs? Now that’s just clever, right?




Back of chair at Outpost restaurant





Perhaps a depressing quote, but intriguing, nonetheless.



The windows were dressed in macrame and wooden beads…





Macrame window treatment Goodland hotel





And if you went to the restroom…





Women's bathroom Goodland hotel





(the ladies’ room, in this case)





Women's bathroom at the Goodland hotel




you would pass this hall on the way…





Hall of art the Goodland hotel




Again, no seen-it-before commercial carpet or carpet tile, here. Instead, real tile (more of that wacky pattern), and a blow-your-mind-big kilim rug.




Closeup of the beach-themed art…






Beach art at Goodland hotel




Inside one of the rooms–courtesy of the website since we were only there for dinner…





Goodland hotel roomSource: The Goodland Hotel




As far as the food in the Outpost restaurant, it was decent. JB and I both liked the Bao Buns–like an open-faced Manapua and if you happen to be from Hawaii, this reference will make sense–the best; however, at $4 a tiny bun, if you plan to fill up on them, you’ll soon eclipse the price of an entree. The tacos (we tried both the battered fish and chicken) were just “meh”, but the fried brussel sprouts and artichoke hearts were darn good and the steamed chocolate cake satiated even my picky palate (which becomes even more, “You better do right by me!” when it comes to dessert).




Besides the fun decor, another neat thing we stumbled upon was the Summer Movie Screening. A large, inflatable movie screen was set up on a green lawn (in our drought-ridden area, this was very exciting, like spotting a leprechaun) and streaming Endless Summer. The grass was strewn with puffy meringue-like poufs for–I’m assuming–guests-only to sink into while they watched the surf flick. We only witnessed two women who were taking advantage of this opportunity, but just the fact that it’s offered is another way The Goodland seems to be setting themselves apart from the stuffy hotel vibe and angling for inclusive over exclusive.





Goodland hotel movie screeningImage via their website.






Excuse me, now I have to go and ask JB when he’s planning to make us some of those chairs we spotted in the entry.





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