The Newlyweds have landed and other news

PineapplesStrap your pineapples in. The trip is about to begin.





When we last “spoke”, I was showcasing the “ooh” and “ahh” elements I’d spotted while shopping for clients at the La Jolla Design Center.





That was so a month and a half ago.





Since then, things have happened. Big things like I was given a bridal shower; JB and I were married–and we had a honeymoon!  Yep, all that went down in the last forty days. So, I assume I get a pass for not posting every “Now take a look at this!” moment…




Wedding PhotoOh happy day. 9/13/14.





Except I wanted to. I missed blogging the ENTIRE TIME! However, time didn’t care. Time seemed to speed up and, here in Santa Barbara, where we were sweating every glass of water we drank out through our pores in our 90 degrees plus heatwave, I was slowing down–while a whole lotta stuff needed attending to. So blogging took a back burner. And yet, there was so much to say.




Pie is for loversCoral “graffiti” (the best, removable kind, right?) placed against lava rock along the highway, on the Big Island, Hawaii.






So much to SHOW you!





Hilo PalaceA hotel, I’m guessing, in Hilo, Hawaii. It has seen better days, I’m sure, but the good architecture still shines through.





So I captured the fun stuff in photos and wrote little mental notes to you. And came up with a plan…






Chairs at Marriott MauiTwo chairs just whispering, “Take a load off,” at the Marriott, Maui.





I’m going to roll back time (Note: my powers only extend to this blog) in the next few posts so you don’t miss a thing. But, while you’re here, let’s talk honeymoon.





This was the scene immediately after leaving the airport and pulling onto the highway.  And in between a cluster of buildings here and there, it carried on, interrupted only by the subtle switch to more lava rock, fewer grasses, more coral graffiti, for the twenty minute drive to our condo destination in Waikoloa.






Big Island driveMauna Kea Volcano in background. Lava rock covered with grasses, grasses and more grasses in foreground.





The land was big, so we felt small and as we shrank, so did any troubles or tethers to back home and we could, at least try to, relax.




This pool helped…





Hali'i Kai PoolSalt water pool with the neatest lounging leaves positioned just above the water’s surface. The “leaves” were stationary, built into a raised platform of concrete that summited just before the “deep end” (alas, all of 4 1/2′ of a so-called deep end). If it got too hot (which was almost always; the Big Island was also suffering their own Hello, Climate-Change! record temps), you could dip your toes or lean your legs into the water for a luke-warm water cool down.




So did eating our meals from our terrace with THIS VIEW!






LanaiHali’i Kai, Big Island.





And dips in this ocean certainly assisted in a water-lapping-against-your-floating-body, Problems, what problems? sort of way.






Kua BayKua Bay, Big Island.





While we did play tourist…






PanioloHanging out with this cowboy for a Paniolo (“cowboy”) moment in the Parker Ranch shopping center. (Do you see the almost photo-bomb, by Security, in the background?)








Happy couple South PointSouth Point selfies.







Drive to South PointThe drive to South Point: the southern most tip of the United States.





South Point TurbinesAnd more driving to South Point. Good thing we had almost a full tank. This road is lonnnng.





Unlike our trip to Kauai (Forgot already? You can refresh your memory, here) the best design I saw wasn’t man-made, but nature-made.





South Point endFinally, we made it to the wind-blown coast known as South Point where except for a natural pool of still water that made the perfect place to douse the flames we imagined rising up from our roasting, sandaled feet, the water looked choppy enough to crush a skull against the lava-rock-lined shore. Unless conditions are usually smoother, this was a Look, But Don’t Swim beach destination.






There were patterns to study. (Don’t miss the gecko, below, who was popping out his head and giving the “And you are?” stare down to the photo-end of my cell phone and me.)







Palm leaf gecko.





Yes, technically this sidewalk is man-made, but I thought the pattern was still worth noting. I’d love to see that mottled design turned into fabric and sewn into a sofa pillow!






Interesting sidewalkA sidewalk trying to emulate lava–and doing a darn good job! Big Island.






Okay, so maybe real lava looks a little different. But again, notice the neat pattern as the lava pressed upon itself and dried in Shar Pei esque folds.







Lava RockThe real deal. Lava rock, Volcano National Park, Hawaii.





More lava rock, plus feet.





Feet on lava rockVolcano National Park, Hawaii.








Flowers Hali'i KaiFlower power at Hali’i Kai, Hawaii.







Kalopa Forest 2Kalopa Forest, Hawaii. Doesn’t it look like the trees’ roots are holding hands or are my honeymoon-colored-glasses still on?





There were black sand beaches.






Punalu'u BeachOuchie. Ouchie. Ouchie. Hottest sand, ever! Punalu’u, Hawaii.






Black sand feetWe could only brave this photo because our feet had just been in the ocean–hence the sand clinging to our toesies. Note: As the posted signs will tell you, it is illegal to remove the sand from the beach. But what if you have a mom at home who wants to see what said black sand looks like in real life and not just a photo of our sand-sullied feet? Answer: You carefully insert your sandy digits into your sandals and run like hell to your rental car!






Nature just popped her pretty head up everywhere.





Even when it couldn’t have been easy.







Fern and door 2I previously posted this photo on Instagram with the caption “Tenacity”. JB thought that was the hokiest thing he’d heard all day and volunteered the counter caption: “Don’t Tread On Me.” (Stair tread humor.) Yuk (and I do mean “yuck”) yuk.






Lily padsA proliferation of bloomin’ lily pads.







Marriott MauiLily pad central: the Koi pond at the Marriott, Maui.





But alas, while the honeymoon doesn’t have to end, the vacation did.




We had to head home.





Drive from Punalu'uRoad from the black sand beach at Punalu’u heading to Volcano National Park.




We said goodbye to our condo with it’s oil rubbed bronze this and dark wood that tropical decor.




Hali'i Kai Bedroom




Goodbye pretty verdigris gate…




Gate at Hali'i Kai




So long wandering without deadlines, hearing the roar of water…it was nice knowing you.




Hilto Hawaii WaterfallOne of my favorite shots JB took on the trip: the waterfall at the Hilton, Hawaii.




Or driving for hours to see a landscape that looked a lot like Mars (if Mars could support fern life).






Volcano National ParkJB calls this “Tenacity 6, 7, and 8.”




No more pretty flowers…




AnthuriumsAnthurium extravaganza at the Farmer’s Market in Kailua Kona.





But, you know what happens in life, one adventure ends and another begins. So, last week, our first official week home from our honeymoon, we decided we needed to add this guy to our lives.




Goodbye vacation. Hello puppy.





Mokie sleepingMeet Moke (“tough guy” in Hawaiian pidgin), but we call him Mokie.



Lilo (our Chiweenie) is less than thrilled. We are zombie-tired after back to back nights of puppy rumbling and ruckus (Mokie wakes up in the night to play with Lilo and Lilo would prefer to slumber–as would we!), stumbling outside–while it’s still dark out!–to make sure Mokie pees OUTSIDE, and speaking of pee, thank goodness these carpets are coming up soon because they, less than fantastically, have been doused in pee and other digestive waste.



So it’s back to realty. Albeit a new, puppy-love-filled, sleep-deprived one in which Lilo looks up at me imploringly with eyes that say, “Why did you do this?”



Welcome home, honeymooners.



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  1. Ronna
    October 9, 2014 at 12:03 AM (6 years ago)

    Moke is a perfect name for that little guy! It was so good to see you and JB again. Allen and I had a tasty dinner at my favorite place tonight 😉 YUMMY! I need to send you a picture of Moji, she’s HUGE! Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures!

    • Kisha Gianni
      October 9, 2014 at 11:17 AM (6 years ago)

      Thanks! I’m so glad you had a good time. We’d love to see those pictures!


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