As Luck Would Have it: The La Jolla House Reveal

Happy New Year!



I hope your New Year’s Eve was all that you hoped it would be! We stayed home and toggled between Carson Daly’s NYE and Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve until the ball dropped. Then we reflected upon how much we have to be thankful for (our family and friends, our first year as a married couple, our second year in our house, the first holiday for our new puppy, Mokie) and sealed our joy with a kiss.



 Mokie in front of fireplace Mokie just stared.






Cat drinking from vaseEllie was preoccupied.







Lilo in bedLilo was already tucked into bed.





But that was last week. Back in November, my design partner and I finished a house in La Jolla that I would have shared earlier if the holidays hadn’t swept away every spare moment.




It was an amazing house, perched on a hill with ocean and city (the good, green parts) views.



La Jolla yard



I mean washing your dishes from this vantage point, would be…dare I say it, pleasurable?




La Jolla Kitchen 2




More good views…(with a cute doggie-in-the-background bonus).




La Jolla desk



And one more shot.


La Jolla deck



But the real story is this…


Because our clients live in La Jolla, and we live five hours away, in Santa Barbara, we did all our design work based on ONE TRIP to the house. One measurement-taking, note-scribbling, photo-snapping visit…


so we could remember what the place looked like!




La Jolla Kitchen



HGTV, this could be your next hit show:  “See the house once, now redesign it!”



We only had our memories, iPad photos, and a few notes to go on before we had to start conceptualizing and ordering.



 La Jolla Art 2Art by Lyn Gianni.



And then we waited,


and waited…


and waited some more–grrrr–because when you go the custom route, things can take what seems like forever. Add to that the workers at the Long Beach port went on strike which meant Customs screeched to a halt.


Double grrrr.



La Jolla Dining Room



We had to use a loaner table, above, while the real one made of glass, walnut, and steel shipped–in, apparently, slow motion–from Italy.




Mini pumkin plate setting




It seemed nearly everything was behind schedule. We were frustrated, our clients were frustrated.  Just when we were dreading sending our next, “It looks like it will be another month,” email, production dates shortened and delivery dates came into view.





La Jolla Living Room




We scheduled an installation date. We made the pilgrimage from SB to SD with a vehicle stuffed so full we had the visibility of a moving truck. We had coffee, conversation, and celery sticks stuffed with peanut butter to fuel us until we arrived at the house, near midnight.




La Jolla



The next morning, a succession of small (big to us!) miracles seemed to take place as delivery after delivery arrived in perfect order (rugs before furniture, that sort of thing). We found the one grocery store that carried white mini pumpkins (we were setting the table pre-Thanskgiving) and when the million pound mirror arrived, see below, Lizz Lang Art Services stopped what they were doing and magically materialized at the door with more power tools and brute strength than we were equipped with.




La Jolla Master Bedroom



They hung nine other pieces which meant we could keep going…





La Jolla paintingCustom art by Lyn Gianni.





La Jolla EntryArt also by Lyn Gianni.



…at our, “They clients will be here any minute!” pace. (They were on vacation and were due to arrive home at 4 pm.)




At 4:03 pm, as we were literally tossing on a throw blanket and adjusting throw pillows on the sectional, the delivery driver of the sectional announced, “I think the owners just pulled up.”




La Jolla Bathroom



The clients walked in and squealed with joy; we squealed with relief and it was wonderful. We made our graceful exit (marred only by the awkwardness of the fifteen minute search to find my missing phone that had mistakenly been thrown into the bottom of a bag of pillows during our extreme haste). And, giddily, we drove home with tired feet, growling bellies, and spirits soaring because so many things worked out when they could, just as easily, have gone the other way.



PS, My mom and I saw The Theory of Everything over the holidays. I highly, highly recommend it.  Stephen Hawking has certainly been through a sort of hell most of us are lucky enough to never endure, and yet…here are his words:



“However bad life may seem, there is always something you can do, and succeed at. While there’s life, there is hope.”


 –Stephen Hawking



Here’s to making those words ring true as we enter 2015.




Happy New Year!

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2 Comments on As Luck Would Have it: The La Jolla House Reveal

  1. jen
    January 6, 2015 at 8:50 AM (6 years ago)

    Good job! What a cool house. Are you going global?
    Lyn Gianni modern art is great. New style for.your mom or does she hide this talent from her Santa Barbara fans? Lol
    Let me know when you need custom drift wood sculpture, im your gal.
    Happy New Years my friend. Xo

    • Kisha Gianni
      January 7, 2015 at 9:22 AM (6 years ago)

      Thanks, Jen! Happy New Year to you, too!


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