Aloha, Hawaii. We miss you already!

Aloha to you as well. I have been gone. Which means I have been a bad blogger. Bloggers aren’t supposed to stop. Ever. To sleep, maybe. Eat. But there should be no extended breaks from blogging. There are rules about this sort of thing.




And I broke them. Because I was here (see below). And JB, too. In Maui first and then Kauai.



Beach feet




To get there, required a stop here: the San Francisco airport.





San Francisco Airport globes




Have you been there lately? They have remodeled an entire terminal and added a cool display of giant silvery orbs.




SF sign(This.)



There is now a water bottle filling station which the green girl in me loved.  The penurious girl in me who didn’t want to shell out for the inflated price of airport sundries liked it too.



GlobaltapSo smart. Is this company public? Someone should look into that.





Refilling water bottleWith the push of a button clean (I hope), fresh (I doubt) water.




There was a Yoga Center with a lone stretcher whose zen we did not want to interrupt so we quietly shut the door. And burst into giggles. Only in SF.




Yoga CenterThe lotus pose and a cup of coffee? Is that what this image is suggesting?



The San Francisco airport is even cool enough to feature a display of Japanese toys down their long corridors.  My heart went all aflutter when I spotted the tower of Hello Kittys. “Kitties?” (Somehow that just looks wrong.)




Hello Kitty displayI know, I look maniacal in this photo. I like the contrast between the actual child on the left who walked right past the display versus me who demanded a photograph be taken and is beaming with almost inexplicable joy.



So, yes the SF airport had a lot to offer, but what it didn’t have was five minutes to spare for us to arrive from our connecting Santa Barbara flight and catch our flight to Kahului, Maui. As we jumped off the shuttle and ran towards the (closed) doors we were told we missed our flight by 5 minutes. They showed no mercy, so we were forced to show ourselves a good time for the next 4.5 hours eating and wandering through the airport. There were a lot of water refills. And, photos taken. (As you can see.)



It wasn’t all bad. We stopped in a wine bistro and I spotted this child’s version of the Ghost Chair. I prefer the clear ones, but it was fun to see one so tiny. If you need to have one, I found the website where you can buy them  here. Uh huh, that is $147.00 for plastic, but it is cute. Wait a minute, what were kid-sized chairs doing in a wine bistro? Only in SF.



Child Ghost Chair



There were new, modern-looking grown up chairs in the lounge-y areas. Like this…



SF airportBlurry photo, but you get the idea.



We checked out the art.





Trailer photoOnly in SF.



Then finally, finally we got to board our plane.  And head for here…




Outrigger PoolThe Outrigger, Lahaina.



And it was…paradise. But paradise can take a lot out of you…well the plane ride home can and the jet lag, and the photos to sift through. So I’m going to be a “bad” blogger once more and ask you to hold on and wait for Part II.



Mahalo.  🙂



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